Nigeria’s former President, Goodluck Jonathan this morning sat for an interview with Bloomberg in London. Read some of the highlights of the interview. You may also watch the video recording of the interview here.


On whether he accepts responsibility for the downturn in the Nigerian economy.

Jonathan: No no no no no. You see the Nigerian economy depends on oil and anytime oil prices drop, it affects the economy significantly in terms of its contribution to the GDP.


On the widely held claim that President Muhammadu Buhari inherited an empty treasury from him.

Jonathan: There is no way he (Buhari) could have inherited an empty treasury and still give bailout to states.


On allegations of corruption levelled against his government.

Jonathan: I cannot say there was no corruption or there was corruption. In the First Republic, after Independence, the reason the military boys gave for overthrowing the government was corruption. In the Second Republic, the military boys also gave corruption as their reason for overthrowing the government. So, the allegations of corruption are not new but in my time, I tried to check it by putting structures in place that would solve the problem.


On whether he was aware that his administration and himself are being investigated for corruption.

Jonathan: Of course, obviously we would be investigated and we are being investigated for corruption. Yes, investigations are going on.


On whether he could say if the investigations would find nothing incriminating.

Jonathan: I wouldn’t want to comment on certain things. After all that is going on, everything will be chronicled. I am the immediate past President and when a government is working, it is not good for the immediate past President to make certain statements. It is not done. I would allow the government to do the work they are supposed to do.


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