One of the several women’s march crowds across the United States and cities around the world protesting against President Trump.

American democracy is this Saturday witnessing a most dramatic development as an estimated 2.5 million women, and men too, march against newly inaugurated President Donald John Trump.

The march which was planned by women to protest the rhetoric of Donald Trump as it affects women issues during the electioneering campaigns, is also being done to warn him about the huge dissent he will likely face if he goes ahead to implement what he said he would do as president. Even so, many of the angry women openly say they never voted for Trump and that he is not their president.

Washington which is the seat of the U.S. government and where the new president was inaugurated on Friday, is also, as one woman activist puts it, “the capital of the march.” Other cities which have witnessed the turn-out of several thousands of protesters include Boston,New York, Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland and Atlanta.

Amazingly, women and rights groups are also rallying against Donald Trump in major cities of the world including Berlin, Mexico City, Barcelona, Melbourne, Sydney, Paris and London. In the U.S., over 600 marches are projected to be happening.

The issues those on the march are warning President Trump about are varied, ranging from gender and women’s reproductive rights to immigration, race equality, religious freedom and discrimination in all forms.

Democratic Senator from California, Kamala Harris, addressing a rally, defined the women issues over which women are marching as the normal everyday issues known to everyone. She said: “If you are a woman, and you and your husband are in low paying jobs and you are struggling to make ends meet, you’ll know that a good paying job is a women’s issue.

“If you live in fear that immigration requirements will separate you from your kids and husband, you know that immigration is a women’s issue.

“If you are an African American single mother trying to raise a son alone, you know that Black Lives Matter is a women’s issue.”

Grammy Award winning singer, Alicia keys has addressed the Washington crowd saying: “We rise. We will not allow our compassionate souls to be trampled on. We are here. We are on fire. Living in a world that is on fire. Sitting on the ground, not backing down.”

Actress, Scarlett Johansson loudly announced: “Donald Trump, I did not vote for you but as President I have to help you succeed. But, you must help me succeed so I can help you succeed.”

Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren also addressing a huge gathering said: “We are here because we want people who’ll make the country work. We believe no one in this country should work full time and live in poverty.

“We believe in science. We believe climate change is real.

“We will not build a stupid wall. Diversity makes our country stronger.”

Van Jones, a political commentator also addressed the mammoth Washington gathering, firing a message to the government:

“We’re not gonna let you mess with women. We’re not gonna let you mess with Black Lives Matter. Real conservatives love the constitution. Real conservatives don’t love kleptomaniacs. When it gets harder to love, let’s love harder.”

Documentary film maker, Michael Moore, speaking, fired a salvo at the Democratic leadership whom he said must go. He called on the women and young  people to step forward and replace the old leadership of the party.


Madonna at the Washington women’s march

Singer, Madonna who later performed, told the thousands gathered in Washington: “Good did not win this election but good will win in the end. Today marks the beginning of our story. The revolution starts here.

“Let’s let them know that we’re not alone and that we’re not afraid and that we shall not back down.”

And in a language that is characteristically Madonna’s she concluded:

“To our detractors who say this march will not add up to anything, I say, f—k you!” This apparently took many people in the gathering by surprise as they were not prepared for that kind of conclusion to a great speech. Several others however could not control their laughter.