Antonio Banderas

Veteran Spanish actor and multiple award winner, Antonio Banderas has finally opened up on the heart attack he suffered about two months ago.

Banderas, who was in his native city of Malaga on Sunday to receive a life time achievement award, said the attack was as a result of his workaholic attitude and the “real beating” he had given his heart for almost 37 years of involvement  in the movie industry.

“I had a heart attack on January 28th , but I was very lucky, it was benign and caused no damage,” he said.

“I underwent an operation where they implanted three stents in my coronary arteries, and since I had suffered from arrhythmia for quite some time, I underwent thermo-ablation but it wasn’t as dramatic as they said,” the jovial actor added.

Banderas, now 56, still believes his career best is yet to be seen as he is reportedly bent on venturing into directing. That is an ambition which he says was motivated and inspired after working with Spanish director, Pedro Ammodovar, who cast the then 22-year- old “Desperado” icon in his 1982 movie, “Labyrinth of Passion”.