Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

Ahead of the June 8 snap elections, a newly-released poll shows that Labour candidate, Jeremy Corbyn is now London’s favourite candidate for Prime Minister.

The YouGov survey for the Evening Standard sees Mr. Corbyn overtake Theresa May who had accused him of opposing anti-terrorism laws, as the preferred choice to lead the country among Londoners.

The poll also points to a Labour surge in the capital boosted in large part by young voters giving  Corbyn’s Labour Party a 17 point lead over the Tories and potentially condemning a handful of London Conservatives to defeat.

The national poll published on Thursday while Ms May was giving a speech on Brexit which is her strongest area of policy, also showed that the Conservative poll lead had shrunk to just three points

This comes after a string of national polls have indicated that the huge lead enjoyed by the Conservatives  at the start of the electioneering campaigns is slowly crumbling.

On voting intention, Labour now stands at 50 percent, up from 41 percent a month ago while the Tories are on 33 percent down from 36 percent a month ago.

The Labour Party’s surge reflects YouGov’s belief that young people will vote in greater numbers at this election as against what obtained in the past.