Enahoro Okhae is a highly cerebral and innovative Nigerian. Youthful and vibrant, he has accomplished a lot in the sphere of training, human resource development and management.

Okhae is the Principal Strategist of Simeon’s Pivot, a Human Resource and Management Consulting firm whose focus is on Performance Improvement. He is also the President and Principal Coach of Pause Factory, the Emotional Intelligence Academy and a Co-founder of GlobalCerts and Strategy, the Nigerian Delivery Partner for The KPI Institute of Australia.

Enahoro sustains an unwavering commitment to magnifying man’s limited efforts in today’s workplace, business and life. His major goal is to help individuals and organizations get the most out of themselves and help them get to their destination irrespective of where they are. He consistently achieves this goal through Life/Business Coaching, Corporate and Personal Training and other Human Resource Solutions.

Enahoro Okhae is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer, a Licensed and Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Trainer (6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, America), a Certified Life Coach (Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy), a Certified Management Consultant, a Certified KPI Professional (The KPI Institute Australia) and a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consulting. He is also Lagos Network Leader of 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, America; Member, International Society for Emotional Intelligence; Member, Nigeria Institute for Training and Development (NITAD) and a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

Okhae has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife where he specialized in Human Resource Management and a B.Sc Accounting from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State. He is an alumnus of Enterprise 500, a Leke Alder training and development entrepreneurship initiative and an Extra Value Professional from Harvard Associates.

This extremely vibrant professional is a faculty member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Manufactures Associates of Nigeria, Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy, Poise Nigeria, Industrial Training Fund and several consulting companies.

As a business consultant, Enahoro has managed numerous improvement projects in a wide range of industries including Banking, Manufacturing, Law, Marketing and Distribution, Human Resource Management, Event Management, Facility Management, Real Estate, Leasing, State Governments, Religious Institutions, Professional Bodies and Learning and Development. He has impacted knowledge into thousands of staff within and outside Nigeria in managerial, supervisory and operational levels, from drivers to C.E.O.’s spanning through various industrious.

Prior to establishing Simeon’s Pivot Resources, Enahoro was a leading network marketer and senior salesman with Kedi International. At Kedi, he was widely known for his creative ability to grow and motivate his ever vibrant network. Apart from building his network, he was adopted into the company as a Network Marketing Trainer. He will always be remembered for his ground breaking idea of writing a book and audio CD titled “Unleash your Financial Freedom” for the sole sake of growing his network which eventually became a marketing tool for different networks in the company.

Enahoro is a high-impact making trainer with a strong motivating speaking ability; he has a special skill in making any training topic a “hands-on” in delivery. He is well known for his ability to proffer solutions to organizational problems through his training classes. He regularly facilities Soft Skills, Leadership and Management topics. He is a regular facilitator for the Industrial Training Fund (I.T.F.) and Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (M.A.N.), Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), and he is a regular facilitator of PD Training Modules (PD Training is a leading Australian-owned, International Training and Professional solutions for several other training and consulting firms which today have taken him into countless organizations.

Okhae leads a team of staff at Simeon’s Pivot Resources to proffer solutions to organizational problems through Human Resource Services, Organizational Restructuring, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Policy and Procedure Formation, Performance Management, Performance Improvement Plan Development and Feasibility Studies/Business Plan.

Having trained more than 10000 people at all levels within organizations, by popular demand, he had to digitalise his unique Emotional Intelligence Training. It’s an Audio CD and a Work Book. This product will break you out of Emotional Slavery and give you the awareness and transformational tools to Master your Emotions.

Enahoro has earned himself the brand, “Mr. Leverage” as a result of his ground breaking teachings from the Principle of Leverage. He currently has four Audio Training Products from the Principle of Leverage namely “M Advantage Leverage Solutions for Efforts Magnification” which teaches an in-depth analysis of the core principle of Leverage and how it relates to every day pursuit. “The Leverage Triangle” is the latest release where Mr. Leverage exposes the 3 men that everyone must Leverage on and can never be ignored if holistic success is our goal in any endeavour. The Leverage Triangle is sub-titled (The Man Ahead) (The Man Around) and (The Man Behind).

Enahoro is the convener of Leverage Summit, a yearly program that impacts the Nigerian youth and work force with knowledge and strategies for becoming high-valued personalities in their various works of life.

As a life coach, Enahoro coaches business owners, leaders in organizations, mature singles and couples in relationship management and he sustains a Corporate Social Responsibility, where he gives free career coaching to youths to help them gain direction.

It is in recognition of his contribution to national development in the field of Emotional Intelligence Training & Development that Mr. Enahoro Okhae is deemed worthy of the honour of the Development in Nigeria Merit Award which is part of the 2017 PSR National Awards.