Deaconess Margaret Titilayo Adesoji is a woman of multiple grace. She is the proprietor of Dayspring Christian School International, Opete Town, near Warri in Delta State. The school has branches in different local government areas of the state. She is also an entrepreneur, a public speaker, a trainer, an educational consultant, a radio host, an eminent professional, a staunch lover of God and a generous supporter of the work of God on earth and humanity in general.

She has gained a prominent position in society due to the exemplary work she is doing in her career. Her rise to prominence can be attributed to her love for God, strong will power, conviction, dedication and leadership qualities.

Born on 10th October, 1964, M.T. Adesoji, as she is fondly called, comes from a humble background. She was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Fagbamila Ogundijo at Imesi – Ile, a town in Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State. She nutures a sense of pride in her roots that lie in the great traditions and glorious history of Osun State.

She started her life in a very remote area and gradually rose to become one of the pioneering Christian educationists in Nigeria. Her love and passion for education reflected in her academic pursuits.

M.T. Adesoji began her education in her home town, at Otapete Methodist Primary School, Imesi – Ile. She completed her secondary school education at Imesi – Ile. She went on to attend Government Teachers’ College, Ilesha, Osun State where she obtained her Teachers’ Grade Two Certificate (TCII).

She did not relent in her pursuit of knowledge. She later bagged her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Lagos State University (LASU), Lagos. She decided to be a master in her field by obtaining a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Foundation from the prestigious University of Benin (UNIBEN), Benin City, Nigeria.

She strongly believes that the young generation is truly sincere, dedicated and keen to adopt new practices of learning and they can enter any challenging arena and achieve success if they receive focused attention, inspiring learning atmosphere and a bit of extra care. M.T. Adesoji has made a distinct contribution to modernizing and revitalizing the existing education system.

She is one of view that in order to educate the young generation in the present scenario, the education providers (teachers) should also be regularly updated, trained and motivated. Only then can there be a possibility to convert the young generation into responsible, confident and self-reliant youth of the country.

Therefore, she has developed a new mechanism to train the teachers in her institution on a regular basis. Her idea is that teachers should become mentors to their students. Mentors refer to such personalities who stand apart from the rest by virtue of their deeds and achievements, so that students get pepped up by looking up to them and their stupendous feats.

Deaconess M.T. Adesoji is the Founder of Dayspring Christian School International, a school with the mandate to raise reformers in the society who will build the old ruins through spirituality, academic excellence, and social balance as the core values; a school with a pedigree of academic excellence without examination malpractices or any form of internal aid which has emerged as a unique citadel of learning in a short span of time.

Deaconess Adesoji is a true educationist who has always been in search of new and innovative methods of teaching that would create interest in the minds of the young generation. She likes to discuss with the students the purpose of education, which, according to her, is not merely to pass examinations after learning a few facts and acquiring some skills, but to understand the complexity of life as education goes beyond the four walls of school. She urges the students to appreciate their role in the creation of a ‘new’ world that will exist without fear, conflict or contradiction.

This can be achieved only if the ‘right education’ is provided in an atmosphere where intelligence, mental alertness and acumen could be nurtured without any fear. She has an indefatigable spirit and aggression in her style of working. She is vigorous in pursuing her objectives and is always prepared to put all her energy and resources to work till the goal is achieved.

She is courageous and works with utmost passion, honesty, dedication and integrity. She gives due respect to all others around her who possess similar attitude. She is a keen lover of God, and she always likes to involve herself with students’ academic and families’ well-being.

She works round-the-clock with determination, dedication, discipline and devotion, and to her, ‘work is worship.’ A strong believer in team work, she ensures the involvement of all team members in the process of decision making. She takes up all assignments with great enthusiasm and shoulders the responsibility for the outcome of all decision. She loves to work with the young generation so as to help them emerge as confident, responsible and self-reliant citizens in future. She has special fascination to be in touch with honest, patriotic, courageous, hard working and sincere personalities.

Mrs. Adesoji is the founder of “Foundation for Total Rescue,” a non-profit organization with a vision to secure the future today by impacting the leaders of tomorrow (teenagers) and putting smiles on the faces of the rejected, dejected and down trodden, empowering them and teaching them ways to be fulfilled in life. The Foundation currently has over 50 major/direct beneficiaries with hundreds benefitting from the monthly and weekly outreaches respectively. The Foundation has three  distinct operations: Teenage Rescue (School Outreach), Family Rescue and the Inner City Rescue Operations (Women/Girl Related Projects).

M.T. Adesoji is the radio host/presenter of the programme, “The Voice of Academic Excellence and Family Life,” a radio program which gives insights into achieving academic excellence and having a successful family life. The programme has generated resounding testimonies of impacted families, teenagers and youths in the community and within its area of coverage. She is also the Convener & Lead Facilitator of the “Couples’ Day Out,” a bi-monthly couples’ ball with a vision of restoring the wine in marriages and there are amazing testimonies following.

She is the convener of various community- based outreach programmes to impact the inner city such as: “Targeting the Girl Child” and “Secondary School Outreaches.” Her philosophy in life is to please God and be the joy of her generation.

Her mission in life is: To bring smiles to the faces of others by serving them with all her ability and resources. To work with dedication and support all activities which are designed to serve our society and nation. To raise children of integrity who will emerge as great leaders and give a new face to their society.

She is happily married to a wonderful, loving, caring, understanding and highly supportive husband, Pastor Taiye Adesoji who is the Chairman of Foundation for Total Rescue. They are blessed with children.

It is in recognition of her accomplishments in the sphere of Management and Development of Education that Mrs. Margaret Titilayo Adesoji is deemed worthy to be conferred with the Woman of Merit Gold Award which is part of the PSR National Awards 2018.