Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday denied wild speculations making the rounds in Nigeria that he had died and that  the Buhari ruling the country is a clone adapted from his look-alike  from Sudan.

Fielding questions from a cross section of journalists on the sidelines of the United Nations Climate Change Conference holding in Poland, Buhari said those spreading such rumours about his health and identity were ignorant and irreligious.

“A lot of people hoped that I died during my ill health. Some even reached out to the Vice-President to consider them to be his deputy because they assumed I was dead.

“That embarrassed him a lot and of course, he visited me when I was in London convalescing. I can assure you all that this is the real me. Later this month, I will celebrate my 76th birthday. And I’m still going strong,” he said.

Recall that the leader of the proscribed secessionist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been at the forefront of those peddling the strange story.            .

In one instance, Kanu shared two images of Buhari, one reversed,  apparently to .show that the Nigerian leader, who is right-handed was using his left hand. This was obviously intended to show that the current Nigerian President is a body double of the real Buhari.

 A scene from the 1997 movie titled ‘Face Off’ has also been used by those promoting the unusual story to show how a ‘dead’ Buhari’s face could have been transplanted to a body double.