The Iranian government says it will continue to develop its missile and satellite technology despite warnings from the international community.

On Tuesday, Tasnim News Agency quoted the country’s Minister for Defence and Armed Forces, Amir Hatami as saying that the country’s missile capabilities were not negotiable.

“The enemies say Iran’s missile power should be eliminated but we have repeatedly said our missile capabilities are not negotiable,” Hatami said.

This is even as the country’s National Security Council Secretary, Ali Shamkhani insisted that the Asian country would continue to work on satellite technology but will not seek to increase the range of its missiles.

“Iran has no scientific or operational restriction for increasing the range of its military missiles but based on its defensive doctrine, it is continuously working on increasing the precision of the missiles and has no intention to increase their range,” Shamkhani, a close aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted as saying.

Tehran has been under intense pressure to halt its development of missile technology by the international community but has defied all warnings.

A UN Security Council resolution which intends to stop Iran’s suspected nuclear missile technology ambitions had called on Tehran to refrain from developing ballistic missile technology capable of carrying nuclear warheads.