The game of Scrabble just got more interesting as hundreds of new words have been added to it. Players of the game can now  easily cruise to victory with the new additions.

Words such as ‘twerk’, ‘beatdown’ and ‘sriracha’ are some of the new additions to the sixth edition of Merriam-Webster’s Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Players will obviously be very delighted by the addition of a common two-letter word which they have been waiting to use for decades, ‘Ok’.

Speaking about the additions, Merriam-Webster’s Editor, Peter Sokolowski said: “For a living language, the only constant is change. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary evolves to keep up with English as it is used today.”

The modernization of the game’s lexicon can be seen in recently added words like bitcoin, facepalm and emoji while entries like sheeple (people who are docile and easily influenced) and listicle are derived from Internet language.

According to Jonathan Berkowitz, President of Hasbro Brands, such additions would add a new layer of fun to game night, making the game  even more entertaining and relevant.

“’Q’ words are always tough especially those without a “u” in them. Players can monetize with the word qapik, which is a unit of currency in Azerbaijan. Scrabble has been a night staple game for 70 years and we’re excited to bring the game into its next decade,” Berkowitz added.

The updated version of the players’ dictionary continues to follow some of the game’s most important rules. Words must still come from the standard dictionary while abbreviations, capitalized words or words with punctuation are still allowed.