Mrs. Abimbola Osagie is an educationist, a life coach, a nation builder, a pan-Africanist, and a firm believer in the Nigerian Dream. She holds an NCE in Accounting  from Kwara State College of Education and also a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) majoring in Education Management from the prestigious University of Ilorin, Kwara State, where she graduated in 2005 as the best graduating student of her department.

Driven by her innate passion for education and her fear for what might become of a nation with a teeming youth population if her “educational crises” is not addressed, given the report of the United Nations in 2010, that Nigeria not only had an alarming number of out of school children but also had a regrettably abysmal attendance rate, poor learning facilities and educational environment, lack of enthusiasm for education in young people, and inadequately trained teachers; she founded De-Joyland Schools on the 5th of October, 2010 to address these concerns.

De-Joyland School has since been Mrs. Osagie’s major statement to the cause of quality education for the young children of a country which according to the World Education News Review “has suffered weakness in its systems at foundational level due to the lack of adequate education for its children”.

Through De-Joyland, Mrs. Osagie has done a great deal in augmenting the efforts of successive governments in education delivery “to all class of people irrespective of their social status or economic might”.

Among other things, De-Joyland has since her inception offered her pupils a combination of British National Curriculum and Nigerian Curriculum of studies, helping them to hone 21st Century skills and develop in every area of learning – with the aim of raising leaders who would transform the Nigerian society, and thereby bridge the leadership gap that is glaringly evident in our society. In barely a decade of existence, this brainchild of Mrs. Osagie has already gotten a catalogue of achievements and awards in Music, Mathematics, Spelling Bee contests, ICT and many more to show for the commitment to quality education, with little or no external financial support.

As part of her contributions to improving the education of the Nigerian child, Mrs. Abimbola Osagie facilitated and oversaw the introduction (and subsequent partnership) of Whybluesky (an institution pioneering digital learning and sustainable educational development in Africa) with the Association for Formidable Educational Development (AFED) – an organization with more than five thousand (5000) schools in Nigeria. Through this, Whybluesky has tremendously helped many Nigerian schools affiliated with AFED to improve on their teaching and learning process.

Today, Mrs. Osagie is one of the renowned Whybluesky trainers in Nigeria, currently training 13 schools (school teachers and owners) on the application of effective 21st century methods in teaching; under the Polish Aid Project sponsored by the Polish Embassy. As one of the major supporters, promoters and champions of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria (and Africa), Mrs. Osagie strongly advocates for optimum adoption of technology in education, and for the creation and implementation of government policies to make the acquisition of digital skills mandatory in the educational process across all levels of learning, in order to achieve the “Quality Education” Goal (#SDG4).

By this, she envisions a country where young people are empowered at the primary (foundational) level of education to be problem solvers. Her passion for seeing this come to fruition has led her to organize numerous programs for digital skills acquisition, computer appreciation and development workshops for children in her community (even beyond her school pupils).

In fact, she played host to the Code Lagos Initiative of the Lagos state Government which trained young people in coding and programming in Lagos state, in 2017. Also, De-Joyland School is currently enrolled as one of the schools on platform; which enables digital-oriented educational institutions participate in #TeachSDG Webinars organized by for schools across the world – to get students/pupils of different backgrounds to network, exchange ideas and promote sustainable development in their continents.

Over the years, Mrs. Osagie has been passionately involved in helping other schools in Nigeria become better at delivering quality education, since she cannot do it all alone with her school. To this effect, she is currently registering the NGO arm of her school to make her impactful initiatives not only sustainable but also scalable across Nigeria, and Africa.

Currently, she sponsors projects to empower the girl child, offers scholarships to the less privileged children, and also does yearly charitable donations to schools in her community (especially Makoko schools) in order to support their growth, improve the quality of education they provide and most importantly, to help the children in those schools. These donations include cash and furniture and other educational materials. She is also embarking on teacher training for the low cost schools around her (especially in Makoko and Iwaya).

Mrs. Osagie is affiliated with several educational organizations and developmental institutions across the globe, including but not limited to, groups such as Whybluesky, Schools Empowerment Support Network (SESN), Nigerian Association For Educational Administration and Planning ( NAEAP),  Nigerian Institute of Management(NIM), Association For Formidable Educational Development ( AFED),  Sustainable Education and  Enterprise Development ( SEED)  NAPPS and Commonwealth Council For Educational Administration And Management (CCEAM), to mention a few.

She is married to her sweetheart, Mr. Festus Osagie and blessed with a lovely daughter, Joy. As a mother, Mrs. Osagie is an affectionate lover of children and is passionate about laying firm foundations for kids to become global citizens.

 It is in recognition of her contribution to national development in the sphere of Management, Development and Delivery of Quality Education that Mrs. Abimbola Osagie is deemed worthy to be conferred with the Woman of Merit Gold Award.