The United States surpassed 250,000 deaths from the novel coronavirus Wednesday.

The milestone was reached a day after the deadliest day of the pandemic since May, with over 1,700 people dying on Tuesday alone, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The United States continues to be the epicenter of the pandemic, accounting for a hugely disproportionate share of cases and deaths even as the virus begins spreading more widely in European countries.

50,140 deaths have been reported across the U.S. since the pandemic began last spring, based on data compiled by Johns Hopkins. Roughly 11.5 million infections have been confirmed to date.

More than 1,000 people have been dying nearly every day this month, a trend not seen since a second surge of the virus this past summer.

November has seen an alarming new trend, however, with over 100,000 new cases being reported every day — reaching a record high just five days ago with over 177,000 infections.

Studies that show two potential vaccine candidates, created by Pfizer and Moderna, are hugely effective in protecting people from infection have given health experts hope that an end to the pandemic is possible.