The Priest Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) last week paid of hospital bills of patients at the Annunciation Hospital, Emene, Enugu.
The priest known very widely for his charitable disposition, according Adoration media sources, had gone to the hospital to pray for the sick and had also decided to offset the hospital bills of patients who cut across all religious and denominational divides.
He had then presented a Fidelity Bank cheque of 18.8 million naira to the hospital authorities for the clearance of the said bills.
Fr. Mbaka encouraged others to support the Multi-Life Savers for the Less-privileged to assist the poor. He stated that his act was just to attract God’s blessings and Grace and not done to attract favour from anyone, as he is not a politician. He revealed that charity is part of his life, his destiny and his vocation as a priest. An act that he started even before he was ordained as a priest. Fr. Mbaka further revealed that he spends not less than 2 million dollars on charity every month.