Following the  sit- at- home order on states in the South East which was announced by the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra to press for the release of their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from DSS detention, there is palpable tension, panic and confusion among residents of the city of Enugu  and its environs.

The tension is rooted in the fear of the unknown by the people as they believe that there may be a clash between security agencies and IPOB members.

This is has been  heightened by increased security beef-up around the metropolis which creates the impression that there is an impending action. Exacerbating the scenario further is the damning silence of the Enugu State government on the issue .

Already,many residents are doing panic buying of basic essentials that would tide them over  ‘Ghost Monday’, as the sit -at -home has been named.

As it is, many residents have decided to remain indoors for safety considerations as aptly put by one of them, Mr Okereke Udengwu: “A stray bullet does not know who is IPOB. Whoever gets shot will be labelled IPOB by those who shot them. My family and I will remain in the house”.