Dr Kasim Olatunde Omokanye is an innovative general practice physician who has put over 20 years into his profession. 

However, what stands him out today is his unique approach to patient blood management. His health facility, Limad Hospital Limited has become the reference point when it comes to utilizing alternatives to blood transfusion for medical and surgical treatment.

Omokanye’s approach takes cognizance of the patient’s opinion, choice, belief and faith. He has managed with remarkable success, many medical and surgical cases employing non-blood transfusion method.

His hospital which is located in the Ajasa – Command area, close to Ipaja in Lagos has thus gained reputation as a major referral hospital for people who are Jehovah’s Witnesses across Nigeria and beyond.

Dr Omokanye has in partnership with some members of the Hospital Liason Committee of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization made remarkable progress at encouraging other medical personnel to embrace the non-blood transfusion alternative as part of patient blood management in their practice.

Even so, Limad Hospital and Dr Kasim Omokanye who is the Medical Director maintain that blood transfusion is a major lifeline in the management of medical and surgical cases out of informed choice and in emergencies when faith and belief do not forbid such.

In pursuit of this professional interest, Omokanye has attended many workshops, seminars and conferences and these have taken him to different parts of Nigeria.

An indigene of Offa in Kwara State, Kasim Omokanye was born in January, 1970. He attended St. Barnabas Primary School, Oke – Aluko, Ilorin before moving on to Offa Grammar School, Offa for his secondary school education. Secondary school done, he proceeded to the University of Ilorin to study medicine.

His first post-graduation work experience was as a Youth Corp Member on the compulsory National Youth Service in Sokoto State.

After youth service, he moved down to the city of Lagos where he worked in some reputable hospitals until March 2008 when he established his own private practice with the name, Limad Hospital Ltd.

Omokanye is happily married to Mrs. Fatima Omokanye and the union is blessed with male and female children.

It is in recognition of his contribution to national development in the field of Human Medicine (Bloodless Medicine & Surgery) that Dr Kasim Olatunde Omokanye was deemed worthy to be conferred with the Development in Nigeria Merit Award which is part of the 21st PSR National Awards.