cmDesign Atelier also known as cmD+A is a burgeoning architectural practice based in Lagos, Nigeria. It was incorporated in 2011 with the intention to redefine an approach to architecture based on experiences from working in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Nigeria.

The company’s approach is to understand the clients needs and through the process of design, create contemporary solutions always pushing the boundaries of what is Architecture in Nigeria. So far, cmDesign Atelier has been able to demonstrate through its projects an ability to capture experience and space.

cmDesign Atelier has gained the confidence of clients who afford the company the opportunity to show the possibilities and the ability for them to be realised.

The technical team currently composed of 7 people is led by cmDesign Atelier’s Principal Architect and Director, Tosin Oshinowo. The team is strong and through diligence and self-belief, is building a positive reputation in the architectural industry.

Scope of cmD+A Services include:

  • retail
  • residential
  • retrofit design & build
  • urban design & master planning

cmD+A designs have an aesthetic signature, which retains the company’s set of values of ‘less is more’ and ‘form follows function’. For each project, the cmD+A team ensures the client’s needs are met, while also considering the environmental impact on the project on society at large. The ain of cmD+A is to create contemporary solutions that constantly push the boundaries of Architecture in Nigeria and the African Continent.

So far, cmD+A has been able to demonstrate through its various projects an ability to create interesting places conscious of materiality, light and spatial experience.