Elon Musk has appointed renowned ad executive Linda Yaccarino to assume day-to-day leadership of Twitter as he strives to rejuvenate the ailing platform he acquired for $44 billion last year.

Yaccarino, a highly respected figure in the advertising industry, resigned from NBCUniversal “effective immediately” on Friday amidst rumors of her taking over as Twitter CEO, replacing the mercurial tycoon.

Following Musk’s controversial takeover, Twitter has struggled to find stability. The platform witnessed mass layoffs, and the reinstatement of far-right and controversial figures, causing its highest-paying advertisers to withdraw their support.

Teasing Yaccarino’s appointment on Thursday, Musk tweeted about hiring a woman to succeed him as the CEO of Twitter and its newly named parent company, X Corporation, without disclosing her name.

Yaccarino’s departure from the media conglomerate that encompasses NBC, Universal, and Telemundo, where she served since 2011, occurred a few weeks after she interviewed Musk at a marketing conference in Miami.

During the interview, Yaccarino inquired about the progress since the acquisition, to which Musk responded, “It’s going well…It’s entertaining….It’s a trainwreck sometimes.”

Yaccarino brings extensive experience to her new role, having led a team of 2,000 people and spearheaded the transformation of the advertising business for the 21st century during her tenure at NBCUniversal.

In a tweet, Musk stated that he would retain control over design and technology at Twitter, while Yaccarino would primarily focus on business operations and transforming Twitter into an “everything app” called X.

Musk’s affinity for the letter X traces back to 1999 when he co-founded X.com, an online bank that eventually became PayPal. He has long aspired to create an all-encompassing app inspired by China’s WeChat, which combines social media, messaging, and mobile payments.

Musk assumed full ownership of Twitter in late October and has courted controversy throughout his tenure as CEO, including staff terminations, the readmission of far-right figures, suspension of journalists, and the introduction of fees for previously free services.

With Yaccarino’s appointment, Musk is finally fulfilling his promise to honor the outcome of a Twitter poll he conducted in December. The unscientific survey indicated that 57.5% of over 17 million accounts voted for him to step down.

The news of finding a CEO for Twitter was received positively by Wall Street, as investors had grown concerned about Musk’s divided attention impacting his other businesses, leading to a rise in Tesla’s share prices.

As Yaccarino assumes leadership, all eyes are on her efforts to attract major companies back to the platform and steer Twitter toward a path of revival under her guidance.