The United Kingdom announced on Thursday that it is dispatching long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine to assist in the defense against Russian forces. British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, confirmed the delivery of Storm Shadow missiles, fulfilling Ukraine’s longstanding request for such weaponry from its allies.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Wallace refrained from disclosing the exact quantity of missiles being sent, but emphasized that they possess a range exceeding 250 kilometers (155 miles) and are already present or en route to Ukraine. This initiative follows Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s commitment in February, vowing that the U.K. would be the first nation to provide Ukraine with extended-range armaments.

The inclusion of these missiles grants Ukraine the capability to strike deep into areas beyond the front lines, including the Russian-occupied territory of Crimea. Notably, reports from British media outlets suggest that Ukraine has given assurances that the missiles will not be employed to target Russia itself.

Wallace clarified that the missiles are intended for use in repelling Russian forces from “Ukrainian sovereign territory.” He underscored that the U.K.’s support for Ukraine is grounded in responsibility, coordination, calibration, and agility.

“We will not idly stand by as Russia inflicts harm upon innocent civilians,” asserted Wallace.

Regarding potential restrictions on the utilization of the missiles, U.K. officials have chosen not to publicly comment on any imposed limitations at this time.