Nigeria’s leading labor unions have agreed to commence a nationwide strike starting October 3rd following “failure” by the government to alleviate hardships after petrol subsidy removal.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) reached a joint decision after the NLC’s 21-day ultimatum to the government expired last week without progress on demands.

At a virtual meeting Tuesday, NLC President Joe Ajaero told union leaders that despite initial objections, partnering with TUC is now necessary given the lack of government action.

Key labor demands include wage increases, palliative implementation, tax breaks for workers, and minimum wage review. But committees formed by President Tinubu to address these issues missed an August deadline.

After an initial warning strike in September, unions feel compelled to mobilize broader industrial action to pressure authorities and defend workers’ interests.

With rising costs stretching household budgets, organized labor hopes to force the government to deliver concrete relief to Nigerians impacted by subsidy-linked fuel price hikes.

However, prolonged strikes also risk significant economic disruption. Hopes remain that compromise can be reached before the looming October showdown.