Mrs. Olamide Adeniji has from a young age been passionate about the development of young children and would visit her mother’s nursery & primary school on school holidays to work with the children. She decided to pursue her passion after her secondary education at the International School Ibadan.

She now holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Economics from the prestigious University of Ibadan, the foremost university in Nigeria. She also holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Hull, United Kingdom.

Olamide has accumulated diverse experience working in several schools in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, holding positions such as Nursery Teacher, Preschool Coordinator, and Director of Studies. She has earned several certifications in Early Years education, child care, and development. Notably, she led a team of teachers to transform visual displays around her school, resulting in a significant improvement in the school’s overall atmosphere.

Olamide’s commitment to Early Childhood Education extends beyond her professional roles. She has written and presented at Early Childhood conferences, including the British Early Childhood Education Research Association (BECERA) where she discussed “The Role of Visual Displays in Early Years.” Additionally, she is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Upon returning to Nigeria, Olamide faced the challenge of finding an engaging yet highly educative and affordable nursery for her daughters. This challenge fueled her determination to establish Twinkly Tots School, a nursery school committed to providing high-quality child care for children aged three months to five years in Ikeja, Lagos.

Since the inception of Twinkly Tots School, she has personally developed the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, ensuring the delivery of quality education. The school emphasizes literacy skills, a play-based learning system, the use of technology for daily parent reports and maintains a clean, safe, and inviting learning environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Olamide utilized the school’s social media platform to offer free read-long stories and created resources on the school’s website to support parents.

Olamide is not only an entrepreneur but also a leader dedicated to the growth of others. She provides training for teachers and creates opportunities for the development of newly qualified teachers through training and employment in her school. To date, she has trained over thirty teachers.

In 2022, Olamide collaborated with Moore Organics to organize a Vision Board Event for children aged 5-10. Recognizing the importance of early literacy, she ensures that every child who attends her school receives a personal library through the “gift a book” initiative. She volunteers at her local church, teaching children aged 7-8 on Saturdays, and conducts monthly Instagram live sessions, sharing knowledge on education and parenting. Through these sessions, she collaborates with professionals such as Tope Olajide of Mummyclinicc, Olaniyan Oluwakemi of Nutraboom, and Farida Ladipo-Ajayi of Book of Worm Café, enriching parents with valuable insights.

Olamide remains consistent and relentless in her pursuit of delivering quality education in Nigeria, overcoming challenges such as the quality of the graduating workforce, the expense of running a quality school and managing people. She tackles these challenges through continuous teacher resourcefulness in creating learning materials, participation in leadership, webinars, and avid reading on leadership and people management.

She aspires to place education in Nigeria on the world map by continuously training and developing teachers and providing quality education for every child, firmly believing that every child deserves the best start in life.

It is in recognition of her contribution to national development in the area of Development, Management and Delivery of Quality Education that Mrs. Olamide Adeniji was deemed worthy to be conferred with the Woman of Merit Gold Award which is part of the PSR National Awards.