The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has announced the complete restoration of the national grid following a fire outbreak that caused a partial grid disturbance earlier today.

The incident occurred around 2:41 am at the Afam Power Generating Station when a fire erupted at the Afam V 330kV bus bar coupler. This led to the tripping of units at Afam III and Afam VI, resulting in a sudden generation loss of 25MW and 305MW respectively.

“The loss of generation destabilized the grid, causing a partial collapse,” TCN stated in a press release. During the incident, the Ibom Power Plant was isolated from the grid and continued supplying parts of the Port Harcourt region, minimizing the effect of the system disturbance.

After containment efforts, TCN confirmed that the affected section of the grid has been fully restored and stabilized. “We reaffirm our commitment to enhancing the resilience and reliability of the national grid,” said Ndidi Mbah, General Manager of Public Affairs at TCN.

Mbah added that TCN pledges to continue investing in measures aimed at further strengthening the grid infrastructure to prevent future occurrences.