In a dramatic turn of events, Muhammadu Sanusi II has been reinstated as the Emir of Kano, four years after his controversial removal. Governor Abba Yusuf signed the Kano State Emirate Council (Repeal) Bill 2024 into law on Thursday, paving the way for Sanusi’s return.

The new law effectively dissolves the emirate council system established by former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje in 2019. This system fragmented the Kano Emirate, a centuries-old traditional institution, into five separate emirates. Under this legislation, Sanusi II, the 14th Emir of Kano, was deposed in March 2020.

Governor Yusuf’s announcement at the Kano State Government House was met with cheers. “With the full support of the kingmakers,” he declared, “I have approved the reappointment of Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.”

The Kano State Emirate Council (Repeal) Bill 2024 reinstates the historic Kano Emirate as a single entity. This move signifies a significant shift from the previous administration’s policies and potentially opens a new chapter for the traditional Kano leadership.

Sanusi II, a respected economist and former Central Bank Governor, remains popular in Kano. His return to the throne will likely be met with widespread celebration by his supporters.