The recent debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump has intensified concerns about Biden’s age and fitness for office. Biden’s performance was widely seen as disappointing, with observers noting that he appeared flat, rambling, and often unclear.

Biden’s campaign attributed his raspy voice to a cold, but this explanation was viewed by some as an excuse. Throughout the 90-minute debate, Biden frequently struggled, particularly in the early stages where some of his answers were described as nonsensical.

As the debate progressed, Biden attempted to regain momentum by launching stronger attacks against Trump, with some success. However, his performance on key voter issues like the economy and immigration, where Trump is perceived to have an advantage, was notably weak.

In contrast, Trump delivered a more disciplined and nimble performance, avoiding the interruptions and aggressive behavior that characterized his 2020 debate appearance. While Trump made numerous unsupported assertions and falsehoods, Biden largely failed to effectively challenge these claims.

The debate touched on several contentious issues, including abortion and the January 6 Capitol attack. While these topics could have provided opportunities for Biden to score points, his responses were often seen as ineffective.

This debate, the earliest in modern US history, was partly scheduled at the request of the Biden campaign. Their strategy was to shift focus to Trump earlier in the campaign season, hoping to remind voters of the controversies of his presidency. However, the outcome appears to have backfired, with more post-debate discussion focusing on Biden’s performance rather than Trump’s.

The Biden campaign now faces the challenge of addressing renewed concerns about the President’s capabilities. While there is time for recovery before the election, including another debate in September and the Democratic convention in August, many Democrats are reportedly worried about Biden’s prospects for November.

Despite these concerns, there has been no public revolt against Biden within the Democratic Party, and he remains the party’s nominee. However, the debate has undoubtedly raised questions about his ability to effectively campaign against Trump in the upcoming election.