The military government of Burkina Faso announced Wednesday that security forces had foiled a coup plot amid rumors of brewing mutiny.

According to an official statement, unnamed military officers and others planned to destabilize the nation and sow chaos before being thwarted. The announcement came nearly a year after interim President Capt. Ibrahim Traore seized power in Burkina Faso’s second coup since 2022.

Authorities said several suspects were arrested and more being pursued but provided no specifics. The military prosecutor later confirmed four detained officers.

Earlier Wednesday, Traore had issued a statement saying he remains firmly committed to leading the democratic transition despite the failed overthrow attempt and other obstacles. Hundreds demonstrated on the streets of Ouagadougou Tuesday in a show of support for the junta when rumors surfaced.

Burkina Faso faces a major insurgency that has surged under Traore’s tenure, complicating plans to restore civilian rule. Traore has undertaken mass recruitment and cut security ties with former colonial power France.

The government also recently formed a defense pact with neighboring Niger and Mali, both also under military power, to defend against armed threats. The alleged coup appears to have targeted perceived instability during the fragile transition.