NNPC boss, Maikanti Baru

The Senate has asked the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to go beyond merely sacking its incompetent officials by restructuring its modus operandi to ensure transparency and accountability.

In a statement released by its spokesman, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, the legislative chamber urged the corporation to institute reforms that will make Nigerians feel its impact.

Reacting to the controversy surrounding the retirement of some NNPC officials indicted in the sale of the missing 130 million litres of fuel, the Senate accused the NNPC of complacency in carrying out its functions.

“The Senate is appalled that NNPC is not contemplating  doing something about the involvement of officials of the Petroleum Products Marketing Company (PPMC) which actually played key roles in the missing products sale,” Abdullahi said.

“NNPC should initiate a comprehensive restructuring of its operations which presently allow officials of other firms to appropriate national resources for their personal use, thereby contributing to the sufferings of the people,” he added.