By Toyeke Oswide

Apple's Siri
Apple’s Siri

The duo behind the Apple Siri—Dg Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer are developing a seemingly super-opponent, the Viv. Kittlaus demonstrated the universal Artificial Intelligence assistant on Monday last week at the 2016 TechCrunch Disrupt in New York.


Kittlaus claims Viv beats any other by three key factors: user personalization, availability on all devices and Viv being powered by every service. He said Viv uses ‘dynamic program generation’ or simply code that writes itself. This gives software developers the ability to model their Viv integrations and leave the rest to the computer.

A demonstration was made showing Viv’s abilitites and the results were very impressive:

  1. “Send Adam 20 bucks for drinks.” – This pulled up Venmo, a mobile payment service
  2. “Send my mom some flowers for her birthday.” – Pro Flowers, an e-commerce company that sells fresh flowers appeared.
  3. “Get me a nice room in Palm Springs for Labour Day weekend.” – Some options from came up

Viv is supposed to live everywhere— from your phone, car to your smart devices. The team envisions Viv connecting to services like Uber, weather forecasts and many more.

(Photo Credit: TechCrunch)