Kelechi Declan, the Nigerian whom the FBI is desperately searching for

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is offering the sum of $1000 as reward for any information that will lead to the arrest of a Nigerian for alleged internet fraud.

32-year-old Kelechi Declan James is said to have defrauded his unsuspecting victims of over $5 million through an e-mail compromise scheme.

In  a statement released by the FBI last week, James, who is believed to be in New York City, and his conspirators “defrauded victims across the US by tricking them into wiring money to bank accounts the victims believed were owned by family members, friends, or business associates.”

The statement explained that James’ scheme either involved his overtaking an e-mail account of an individual the victim trusted and then requesting that the victim transferred money into a bank or by developing a relationship of trust or romance with the victim and asking them to wire money.

It further revealed that after the monies had been wired, it was then moved to several other accounts before it was finally withdrawn by James.