Controversy has continued to trail the recent sacking of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Chief, James Comey, by US President, Donald Trump.

Trump, who accused Comey of being a “showboat and grandstander”, said his decision to relieve the FBI Chief of his duties would not have been changed by any recommendation from the House of Representatives or Deputy Attorney-General, Rod Rosenstein because according to him, “ the FBI had been in turmoil” after the manner in which the agency handled the Clinton e-mail case.

Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director, Michael Hayden, has however accused Trump of growing wary of Comey as the FBI pressed harder with investigations into Russia’s involvement in the US elections that produced him.

“Not because the President was suddenly seized with concern about how Clinton was handled, but perhaps out of fear that Comey could reprise his independent, attorney general-free performance this year as the Russia investigation advances,” Hayden said.

Comey sympathizers also argue that the most appropriate time for the sack was at the beginning of Trump’s presidency, not nearly four months into his inauguration when the FBI was probing the President’s associates.

Acting replacement for Comey, Andrew McCabe has however reiterated FBI’s desire to go on with the investigations but there are indications that the thick-skinned Trump would stop at nothing to ensure that whoever takes over the mantle of leadership at the agency would, according to the White House deputy press secretary, Sarah Sanders, focus on other things as the Russia investigation is “one of the smallest things that the FBI has got going on their plate.”