The Grenfell Tower before and after the incident (Photo: Sky News)

Scores of people are feared dead and are yet to be accounted for after a terrible fire gutted the residential, 24-storey Grenffell Tower in Kesington, West London at about 1.00 a.m on Wednesday. So far, twelve people have been confirmed dead and 74 injured.

According to Commander Stuart Cundy of the London Metropolitan Police,  20 of the injured people are in critical condition even as more than 250 firefighters, supported by 40 fire engines are still fighting the inferno.

Earlier, when the count of the dead in the incident was marked at 6 persons, Commander Cundy said: “I can confirm six fatalities at this time but this figure is likely to rise during what will be a complex recovery operation over a number of days. Many others are serving medical care.” 

Residents in the tower, which housed up to 125 families, rushed to escape through smoke-filled corridors in the building, most of them woken by the smell of burning material as the fire alarm did not sound.

Witnesses said they saw trapped residents desperately shouting for help from upper floors as the flames ripped through the sides of the apartment building and plumes of black and grey smoke billowed high into the air.