The outgoing President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has promised to fully give her support to all the female aspirants in the country’s general elections slated for October 10, 2017.

Sirleaf, who made the pledge at a forum organised to promote Liberian women in politics expressed regret at the uneven distribution of women vying for legislative seats, citing an example of a district where nothing less than seven women were aspiring to occupy one seat.

“You people are many. I wish we had done it in such a way where we could have taken note of each of those running against each other and had been a bit more selective in narrowing it down to compete with men,” Sirleaf said at the forum organised by the Liberia Women’s Policy Platform (LWPP).

A total of 152 women are vying to be in the country’s parliament. Six are running as vice presidential candidates while one, MacDella Cooper of the Liberia Restoration Party (LRP) is the only woman with the ambition to succeed Sirleaf whose two terms in office as the only elected female Head of State in Africa, expires later  this year.