South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) has called on the Zimbabwean ruling Zanu-PF party to restrain President Robert Mugabe from making negative comments about late Nelson Mandela.

Mugabe had, during the celebration of ‘Heroes Day’ in Harare, accused Mandela of allowing Whites in South Africa to usurp all the lands by saying that both Whites and Blacks were equal.

ANC Secretary-General, Gwede Mantashe who gave the warning on Tuesday said Mugabe’s recent comments against Mandela were baseless and unresearched.

“The reality of the matter is that you have destroyed the economy in your country, we continue to create black millionaires in this country including Zimbabwean millionaires. So, refrain your President from making statements that are unresearched,” Mantashe warned.

Over the years, Mugabe had on several occasions, criticised Mandela and his past administration over land redistribution in South Africa and questioned his cordial relationship with the White minority in the country.