Tanzania has witnessed series of ruthless amputations and killings of albinos for rituals. (Photo Source: Africatime)

A Tanzanian Court has sentenced six men to 20 years in jail each for chopping off the hand of an albino boy in Tanzania.

The sentenced men were accused of severing the left hand of 12-year-old Nwigulu Matonange in February 2013 and running away with it. Four of the men were however arrested while searching for prospective buyers who require it so prepare witchcraft charms.

The four men were convicted on Friday for conspiring to murder and attempting to kill the boy. The charges carry separate jail terms but they were not sentenced to the maximum term of life imprisonment due to mitigation and the fact that they had no previous criminal records.

In Tanzania, albinos are frequently attacked for their body parts which are highly prized for fetish purposes. The United Nations has estimated that at least 75 albinos were killed in Tanzania between 2000 and 2015.