Charles Brumskine, the candidate of the Liberty Party (LP) which placed third in the October 10 presidential elections in Liberia has submitted a complaint to the nation’s election commission  for it to annul the elections.

The complaint, signed by Brumskine, his vice presidential candidate and other representatives of the party cited various irregularities ranging from late opening of polls and fraudulent activities by individuals and NEC officials as some of the reasons why the election in which former footballer, George Opong Weah took the lead should be cancelled.

The LP alleged that in one case, an election officer had pre-marked ballots in his possession while in another, an official misrepresented the number of ballots for Brumskine in the elections, which has been described by international observers including the Carter Centre as being fair and problem free.

“These elections were characterized by gross irregularities and fraud, which undermined the integrity of the elections and deprived thousands of Liberians of their constitutional rights to vote,” the document said.