A member of the Parliament in Kenya, Rashid Kassim has been arrested for allegedly slapping a female colleague who sits on the budget committee.

The BBC reports that Kassim allegedly struck Fatuma Gedi in the parking lot after she refused to allocate money to his constituency. A picture of Gedi after the incident showed her apparently bleeding from the mouth.

According to the report, several other female members of the Kenyan Parliament walked out in protest following the alleged assault and demanded Kassim’s arrest.

“Some of our male colleagues started mocking us and saying it was slapping day,” Sabina Wanjiru Chege, one of the female members told BBC Focus on Africa after Kassim was detained.

Chege said that their counterparts told the women parliamentarians that women needed to have manners and know how to treat men but argued that such statements should be condemned as they were all equal in the parliament.