The Nigerian power sector lost about N19.15 billion in 10 days due to constraints arising from insufficient gas supply inadequate and weak  distribution and transmission infrastructure.This is according to the data obtained from the Advisory Power Team (APT) in the Office of the Vice President.

The losses were recorded from 5th  February to 14th February 2020. An average of N1.55 billion was lost on February 5, N1.77 billion on February 6, N1.92 billion on February 7 and N1.89 billion was lost on February 8.

The sector also lost an estimated N1.95 billion on February 9, N2.15 billion on February 10, N1.95 billion on February 11, N2 billion on February 12, N2.01 billion on February 13 and lastly N1.96 billion on February 14.

The appropriate megawatts per hour power was not generated during the days leading up to February 14 due to various reasons. The reasons also include the unavailability of gas, the unavailability of transmission infrastructure, high frequency resulting from unavailability of distribution infrastructure, gas shortage as well as water management.