Two Diamond Princess passengers have died from coronavirus infection  evenas the remaining passengers continue disembarking from the cruise ship after a 14-day quarantine. A total of 624 cases of the virus have been linked to the stricken ship.

The man and woman, both Japanese and in their 80s, were taken off the cruise ship last week and they died while under  hospitalization on Thursday, officials said.

The man had a pre-existing condition of bronchial asthma and a history of angina treatment, but the woman had no known pre-existing conditions, the officials said, adding that the direct cause of her death was pneumonia likely caused by the new coronavirus.

“I pray for their souls and offer condolences to their bereaved families,” Japanese Health Minister, Katsunobu Kato said in the Diet. “The two were sent to medical facilities when they showed symptoms. I believe that they received the best possible treatment,” he said.

Japan has now recorded three deaths from the virus.