United States House of Representatives will today vote to impeach President Donald Trump on charges of insurrection.

Some members of the Republican Party have already signified that they will vote to impeach the president over his role in last week’s storming of Congress by the his loyalists.

The third most senior Republican in the House of Representatives, Liz Cheney, said Mr Trump “lit the flame” of the attack that resulted in five deaths.

A vote in the Democratic-controlled House is expected on Wednesday.

Democrats accuse Mr Trump of encouraging his supporters to storm the Capitol building. As Democrats hold a majority in the House, the vote is likely to pass. The case will then head for the Senate, where a trial will be held to determine the president’s guilt.

A two-thirds majority would be needed to convict Trump, meaning at least 17 Republicans would have to vote for conviction. As many as 20 Senate Republicans were open to convicting the president, the New York Times reported.