A young woman has become the first protester to die in the anti-coup demonstrations in Myanmar after she was shot in the head.

Mya Thwe Thwe Khaing, 20, was injured earlier last week when police tried to disperse protesters using water cannon, rubber bullets and live rounds.

Video showed her sheltering from water cannons and suddenly dropping to the ground after a bullet penetrated the motorcycle helmet she was wearing. She had been on life support in a hospital with what doctors said was no chance of recovery.

Myanmar is now in a year-long state of emergency, after the military seized power following a general election which saw Ms Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) win by a landslide.

The military claim the election results are fraudulent, and demand a rerun of the vote.

Power has been handed to commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing. Ms Suu Kyi is under house arrest, accused of possessing illegal walkie-talkies and violating the country’s Natural Disaster Law.

Protesters are calling for her release, along with the release of other NLD members.