Prosecutors in Harris County, Texas have charged a woman, Alexandria Vera with continuous sex abuse of a child. The woman who was the boy’s teacher at Stovall Middle School told investigators she and the victim “love each other” and that they had sex almost everyday for nine months.

The woman revealed she and the boy started it all with Instagram messages and that the boy was fond of saying nasty things to her. At first, she warned him to stop. Shortly afterwards, however, the two became close and they had sex for the first time at the boy’s home. After that, they started having sleep-overs at Vera’s home.

The woman revealed she got pregnant for the boy and that the boy’s family knew about their relationship and was excited at the pregnancy. She also claimed that she was introduced to the boy’s family as ‘his girlfriend’. According to USA Today, Vera told investigators that the boy’s family accepted the relationship, invited her to family gatherings and became “very supportive and excited” when told she was pregnant with their son’s child in January.

However, Vera reportedly grew nervous when Child Protective Services showed up at the school to question her and the victim. So, she had an abortion. The woman already has a 4-year old daughter, reports USA Today.

Apparently, both Vera and her daughter disappeared from their home when the woman realised that law enforcement might be after her. This was what made the Police to issue a warrant of arrest on her. On Wednesday, she turned herself in to the Police.

The same reports say students of the school, remember Vera as the “cool teacher” who let kids at Stovall Middle School use cell phones in class. Vera’s neighbours say she sometimes had as many as five teenage boys at her home at one time.

One neighbor said: “She was having a lot of kids in her home. There was drinking in the front. We always found beer bottles and beer cans on her side of the lawn and half of the (teens) did not look older than high school, maybe.”

Another neighbour who did not want to be identified revealed: “That kid was always over (Vera’s home in the Spring) and she always told (neighbours) it was her brother.”

Now, according to the reports, Child Protective Services is investigating the boy’s family because they allegedly supported the relationship.

Vera herself is still in police custody with a bond of $100,000 set on her. If convicted, she could serve a severe jail term.



Based on the report by Jacqueline Crea, USA Today. Photo Credit: KHOU, Montgomery County Police