Donald Trump effigy being burned

Donald John Trump has already won the US Presidential Election but thousands are rallying across the United States to express their rejection of him and support for his opponent who lost, Hillary Clinton.

Today, tens of thousands of protesters marched in more than 25 cities across the United States (including New York, Chicago and San Francisco) shouting in defiance “Not my President”,  lifting placards and burning Trump effigies. Dozens have already been arrested.

Outside the Trump Tower in New York, celebrity singer, Lady Gaga and 5,000 more protesters rallied in strong defiance against some of Trump’s campaign promises that portrayed what many believe as xenophobic, racist and anti-democratic.

Meanwhile, many supporters across America have also cheered the billionaire businessman for a shocking victory, rallying with love for their candidate.

As it is now,Donald Trump will have to begin one of the most important jobs in the world by first uniting a terribly divided United States of America.