Felix Omobude

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria has warned that the incessant killings in Southern Kaduna could lead people to want to resort to self defence.

The National President of PFN, Dr Felix Omobude, at a press conference said: “There is no law in our faith or even in the constitution that forbids you from defending yourself if you have the capability. We can’t watch and allow this to continue. We have seen communitites that form civilian joint task force to defend themselves.

He however cautioned that Nigeria would be in total chaos if communitites under attack resorted to self-defence. This is why, according to him, security agencies must wake up to their duties. He would also want the Federal Government to provide security to all citizens no matter their religion. He said:

“We have called on authorities in this country to defend citizens whether they are Muslims or Christians. Government must, at all levels, stand impartial so that they are not seen as defending one religion against another.

“Our faith does not necessarily allow us to do things that way. This nation will be in chaos if we all don’t exercise restraint. If we do that, we also expose our people to insecurity. Let no one count Christians as weak; nobody has monopoly of violence. We have only restrained our people. Those who use religion to fan the embers of disunity should know that it is an ill-wind that will blow no one good. The security agencies need to do their job.”

The PFN President who also talked about the body’s biennial conference which will hold from February 17 to 19, expressed sympathy for families who were killed in error in a raid by the Nigerian Air Force in Rann, Borno State.