India Kirksey allegedly raped her 4 year old son and livestreamed the video of her act on social media

A mother has been charged with raping her four-year-old boy and broadcasting it live on an internet video streaming application.

India Kirksey, from West Price Hill area of Cincinnati, Ohio, was arrested after someone watched her recording of the incident, and called the authorities from more than 1,000 miles away in Texas.

Appearing at Hamilton County jail, looking disheveled in a yellow jumpsuit, prosecutors said she had recorded herself performing a sex act with the child using the Periscope App, which she then uploaded to the internet.

Police reports revealed that she confessed to performing ‘mouth action’ on the boy during an interview. A family member of Miss Kirksey told reporters that she was not guilty and that suffers from special needs.

“We as family try the best we can to get her therapy and talk to her, maintain her safety, but sometimes you can only do so much,” said the woman, who did not wish to be identified.

The alleged incident took place in January, but social services were only recently alerted to it after receiving the call from Texas.

The case is scheduled to go to a grand jury later this month. Miss Kirksey bail bond is said to be in the region of $350,000 (£282,000).