North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un

North Korea has warned that the new stringent sanctions the United States has placed on the country would only spur her to develop nuclear weapons.

The warning was contained in a rare letter of protest it sent to the United States House of Representatives on Friday.

According to North Korean media, the protest which was lodged by the recently revived Foreign Affairs Committee of North Korea’s Supreme People Assembly headed by Ri Su Yong, a close aide to Leader Kim Jong Un accused the US congress of being obsessed with a sense of disapproval and warned of the dire consequences which may follow.

“As the US House of Representatives enacts more and more of these reckless hostile laws, the DPRK’s efforts to strengthen nuclear deterrents will gather greater pace, beyond anyone’s imagination,” the committee said in the letter which was published by the KCNA state news agency.

It would be recalled that the US House of Representatives recently approved a legislation to tighten sanctions that target North Korea’s shipping industry and companies doing business with them in order to cut off cash supplies used in funding North Korea’s nuclear programme.