Dr Morenike Olufunmilayo Akpo has been acknowledged locally and internationally as a highly resourceful physician. She is a public health specialist whose practice experience goes beyond Nigeria.

Morenike Akpo is today the Director in charge of Wellness Programme as well as the Chief Operating Officer at Peerless Hospital and Wellness Warri, Delta State. She is also the Director of Programmes for Global Medical Mission, a not-for-profit organization that reaches out to the poor, the less privileged and the needy especially in the rural communities by offering free medical services and also providing for their needs and welfare.

She holds an MBBS degree from the University of Jos (1996) and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Southern Connecticut State University, Connecticut in United States of America (2007). She is currently  undergoing her PhD program in Public Health in one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria.

She has been immensely involved in the care of underprivileged women, widows, orphans and children in developing countries. This earned her recognition by the World Bank Family Network (Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund 2006). She was designated as “Sukuriye Karaosmanoglu Fellow” in 2006 in recognition of her contribution to the growth of  children and women in developing countries.

She has practiced both within and outside Nigeria in the field of public health and has published several papers in reputable local and international journals. She has also made several presentations in both local and international conferences. She has been involved in creating Breast Cancer awareness among women at various levels and walks of life.

Dr. Akpo demonstrates extraordinary intelligence and sound judgment, as reflected in her academic achievements. She enjoys challenges and her work is impeccable. She is attentive to details, and this is reflected in her powers of critical thinking and analysis.

She is poised, compassionate, ethical, creative, diligent, professionally appropriate and cautious, thoughtful of others and very human. She has interpersonal skills that foster and promote collaboration. She is kind and caring. Her Christian values guide her actions and endow her with confidence, dignity and a peaceful aura. She is respectful of others, and always wears a warm and beautiful smile that so fully and accurately represents her charitable nature.

As a public health practitioner, who understands how to use an evidence-based, population-health approach, she is destined to be a leader of thought and action in the vital field of public health.

It is in recognition of her accomplishments in the field of Human Medicine and Orthodox Medical Practice that Dr Morenike Olufunmilayo Akpo is deemed worthy to be conferred with the Woman of Merit Gold Award which is part of the PSR National Awards 2018.