Dr Omolola Salako is passionate about bridging the gap cancer patients face in accessing accurate information, care and resources. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Oncopadi.com, the friendly cancer app.

Oncopadi is Africa’s first digital oncology clinic, that will offer information, navigation and online medical consultations to cancer patients. Omolola is the youngest of 70 Consultant, Clinical and Radiation Oncologists in Nigeria. She is skilled in using a Linear Accelerator, brachytherapy and chemotherapeutic agents in the multidisciplinary management of cancer and she practices in the Department of Radiation Oncology, Lagos University Teaching Hospital. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Omolola is a patient advocate, medical innovator and an illustrator.

Omolola obtained her MBBS degree from the prestigious College of Medicine, University of Lagos, completed her oncology residency in Lagos University Teaching Hospital and obtained her Fellowship from the Faculty of Radiology, West Africa College of Surgeons. Omolola is an active cancer researcher and she has authored and co-authored several publications in high impact journals locally and abroad. She is an alumna of Lagos Business School and Enterprise Development Centre.

Omolola Salako is a multiple award-winning scientist and social entrepreneur who has attracted grants from the National Institute of Health/National Cancer Institute, Union International Cancer Control, Memorial Sloan Kettering Comprehensive Cancer Centre, ACT Foundation and American Cancer Society. She serves as a board member on Sebeccly Cancer Centre, Advocacy for Women Empowerment Foundation and Madam Felicia. She also serves as an advisory council member of several cancer charities. Omolola is chairing the Scientific and Abstract Sub-Committee of the 50th Anniversary of the Nigerian Cancer Society in October 2018.

Omolola is the Founder and Executive Director of Sebeccly, an innovative cancer charity with a vision to empower and treat cancer patients. Under her leadership, Sebeccly has launched innovative campaigns such as the IK4Cancer, BattleScar, ChangeHerCancerStory and TimeToScreen. She is the convener of the #12KLLP, the 1st and only Guinness World Record attempt in Africa, to form the largest pink human awareness ribbon for breast cancer, which was formed by 7,498 Nigerians on the 10th of October 2015.  Other impactful projects include the provision of breast/cervical cancer screening to over 4,000 women across South-Western Nigeria and treatment support to over 3,000 breast cancer patients and caregivers.

Omolola has featured in over 200 media articles and programmes in a bid to raise awareness on cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. She champions several causes related to women and is a global cancer enthusiast. She loves to watch investigative TV series, listen to music and meditate in her leisure time.

It is in recognition of her rare accomplishments in Human Medicine particularly in the area of Cancer Care that Dr Omolola Salako is deemed worthy to be conferred with the Woman of Merit Gold Award which is part of the PSR National Awards 2018.