Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash on Sunday has caused several airlines around the world to ground their Boeing 737 Max 8 planes.

Investigators are yet to determine the cause of Sunday’s crash and have yet to locate the plane’s flight data recorder. The circumstances were however similar to an October crash in Indonesia that killed 189 people.

The Ethiopian Airlines pilot sent out a distress call and was cleared to return to the airport before the crash, which killed all 157 people aboard.

China’s Civil Aviation Administration was first to order its airlines on Monday to ground all of the country’s 96 Boeing 737 Max aircraft in operation. Ethiopian Airlines later followed.

China’s main airlines are among the biggest users so far of the new Boeing jets, having taken delivery of most of the planes they have ordered. By contrast, many other carriers, often in slower-growing markets than China’s, have taken delivery of only a small fraction of their orders for the Boeing 737 Max 8.

Ethiopian Airlines officials said on Monday they would ground all Boeing 737 Max planes in their country following the crash on Sunday of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

The airline has five Boeing 737 Max planes in its fleet.