CAF President, Ahmad Ahmad

A senior Egyptian official, Amr Fahmy has accused the President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Ahmad Ahmad of corruption and abuse of office, in what could be the latest scandal to rock the football world.

According to officials and an internal document, Fahmy was fired and replaced with Morocco’s Mouad Hajji after he accused Ahmad of taking bribes and misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The document which was sent by Fahmy on March 31 to a FIFA body which investigates alleged ethical breaches accused Ahmad of ordering his Secretary-General to pay $20,000 bribes into accounts of African football association presidents.

The document also accused Ahmad of costing CAF an extra $830,000 by ordering equipment via a French intermediary company called Tactical Steel.

It further accuses Ahmad of harassing four unnamed female CAF staff, violating statutes to increase Moroccan representation within the organization and spending over $400,000 of CAF money on cars in Egypt and Madagascar, where a satellite office has been set up for him.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, some senior CAF officials said Fahmy was sacked after he compiled the document containing the allegations against the 59-year-old Ahmad, who took the top African soccer job two years ago.

The allegations against Ahmad follow a string of scandals related to FIFA’s practices in Latin America and Asia in recent years which have led to the indictment and jailing of numerous senior football administrators.