A popular Zimbabwean comedian, Samantha Kureya known by her stage name ‘Gonyeti’ has been found after she was abducted and beaten by masked gunmen in the country’s capital, Harare.

In recent times, Kureya has been critical of the country’s Police and government in her short video skits which she posts on social media.

Her relatives and colleagues say she was taken from her home, beaten and forced to drink sewage before being dumped in the bush. 

Kureya’s brother, Jonathan Gasa told the British Broadcasting Corporation that about six armed masked men stormed her home on Wednesday night, took her away, stripped and assaulted her.

Gasa said they accused her of undermining the government with her skits. Her colleague, Lucky Aaron also told the BBC that she was dumped in a bush in the suburbs of Harare.

Aaron said that he picked her up and took her to the hospital for scans which confirmed no bones had been broken, adding that he was still concerned for her health because she was forced to drink sewage.

In February, Kureya was one of two comedians arrested for public nuisance for wearing a uniform which resembled a police uniform in a skit, after which she was reportedly warned that her comedy was becoming too political.

Human rights groups in the country say her abduction follows several recent cases of activists who were planning anti-government protestsand were being abducted and tortured.

The Zimbabwean authorities have denied any involvement in the abductions.