At the MTV Video Music Awards of August 28, pop queen, Beyonce gave a superlative, wowing performance. Most people agree that it was the highpoint of the awards.

However, her arrival at the event with her adorable four-year old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, was a showstopper on its own. The duo brought something so extraordinarily angelic to showbiz in their breath-taking dresses.


Both colour combination and cuts were out of the world. The dresses were fairy-tale themed. Beyonce’s sequin studded gown revealed so much of her famous curvy body. Her flesh was not much hidden. Blue Ivy’s nude coloured dress shimmered in a uniquely golden way. Her shoes matched flawlessly.


Now wait for this: Blue Ivy’s dress is estimated to have cost £11,000. Even so, many believe the appearance of the duo on red carpet is a new offering to the world.