Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State(ISIS) terrorist group has urged his followers to burn their enemies and target media outlets of ‘infidels’ during attacks.

According to an audio recording which the extremists say was made by al – Baghdadi and released on Thursday through the ISIS – run al – Furqan media outlet, he said he would continue fighting and praised his jihadists for their valour despite their losing the northern Iraqi city of Mosul in July.

Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi said in the over 46-minute-long audio: “You soldiers of the caliphate, heroes of Islam and carriers of banners; light a fire against your enemies. You supporters of Islam, supporters of the caliphate everywhere, step up your attacks and include the media centres of the infidels and headquarters of their ideological war among your targets,” al-Baghdadi said.

“Don’t you dare allow the crusaders and the apostates to enjoy a good and comfortable life at home while your brothers are enduring killings, shelling and destruction,” added the shadowy cleric who had only made one public appearance since the Sunni terror group broke away from al – Qaeda.

The voice of al – Baghdadi in the audio was almost a replica of his previous purported message also released in November via the same al – Furqan where he reminded his followers of the rewards of martyrdom including 72 wives from the maidens of paradise.

Russian officials had in June said there was a high probability he had been killed in a Russian airstrike on the outskirts of the Syrian city of Raqqa, the group’s de facto capital.