Most people in fashion and accessories circles would describe Shefiat Tosin Shonibare as an ‘all-rounder.’ After graduating with a Higher National Diploma in Accounting from the Yaba College of Technology, she ventured into entrepreneurship. About this–her diversion to business and entrepreneurship – she often says “I really didn’t have a choice, it chose me.”

Toss, as she is known by friends and associates, loves good quality shoes and is passionate about contributing to the economic growth of Nigeria. Both sealed her decision to study shoemaking in 2010. Tosscreations was consequently launched in 2011, and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2013.

Through the many businesses she started and failed at in the years between graduation and founding Tosscreations, Toss gained invaluable experience. She also learnt perseverance and developed a sixth sense for spotting opportunities, all of which she now applies in managing the thriving fashion brand. Under her leadership, Tosscreations has grown in leaps and bounds, showcasing ground-breaking designs at various exhibition and runway shows.

As an ardent student of knowledge, Toss never second-guesses any opportunity to learn. This is a trait that has contributed immensely to Tosscreations’ evolving brand as a trailblazer in the Nigerian fashion accessories industry. She studied the art of fashion designing and patterns drafting at GD Fashion Academy in 2015.

Over the years, Toss also graduated from several personal and business development courses: Steve Harris’ Mastering the Business of Your Talent; the Basic Leadership and Entrepreneurship Course hosted by Leading Ladies Business Institute; the Apparel and Leather Export Masterclass organized by the Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce and the Basic Digital Skill Workshop powered by Google, to mention a few.

All the knowledge, experience and skills, she now invests in Tosscreations. But she does even more. Buoyed by a deep-seated desire to empower other women and entrepreneurs, Toss has played the roles of participant and convener at several Leading Ladies Business Institute’s workshops and seminars. She has also joined forces with similarly-driven entrepreneurs and firms to organize free training workshops and skill acquisition trainings. One of such was the Moms Star Business in 2017 and Youth Empowerment Training in conjunction with Vickie Robert Foundation in May 2018.

Shefiat Tosin Shonibare’s dream is that in another decade, Tosscreations would be a household name in Nigeria, Africa and indeed, worldwide.

She is happily married, and a mother to three lovely boys.

It is in recognition of her contribution to national development in the area of Indegenous Footwear Production that Mrs. Shefiat Tosin Shonibare is deemed worthy to be conferred with the Woman of Merit Gold Award which is part of the PSR National Awards 2018.